Natural Stone

natural stone ledge landscaping

Natural Stone is an inexpensive and effective way to add life to any garden or backyard. They give structure and add character with their graceful lines, soft hues and quiet presence. Stone is the oldest, and most durable, maintenance-free construction material known and adds timeless beauty to any construction or landscaping project.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality natural stone products available in endless shapes, patterns and colors. Ranging from flagstone, slate, travertine and various types of weathered stone boulders, these are just a portion of the natural stone available to create hardscapes.

We can create patterns of your choice by using same size or mixed sizes during the installation process. We use only the highest-quality stone masonry products and offer our customers an opportunity to participate in our unique design-build process. Our clients can expect the utmost in professionalism, creativity and workmanship when it comes to our stone masonry craftsmanship.


Flagstone is most commonly used for patios, walkways, decking, and coping around pools, due to its smooth and textured surfaces. It offers a sleek and traditional look, giving your landscape a touch of class.


Slate is a popular paving stone. A dense, fine-grained metamorphic rock, it makes a durable and attractive paving surface. Made from layers of slate rock, it varies in thickness and color. Each tile has a unique arrangement of colors, ranging from browns to greys to greens.


Travertine pavers are cut from natural stone. It is one of the best choices for pool paving. Two great reasons to use Travertine pavers especially around the pool are that they stay cool in hot conditions and they have a natural non-skid surface. Traction actually increases when wet.

Weathered Stone

Naturally-formed and found in fields, mountains, rivers, and quarries, weathered stones usually have sharp and angular edges. The primary uses for this type of stone includes garden accents, driveway and property markers, natural steps and seats, and as accents in ponds, waterfalls, and rock gardens.

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