Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are practical and beautiful elements to include in most landscape designs. They can help solve a variety of problems and offer unique planting opportunities as well.

Aesthetic and Practical Reasons for a Retaining Wall

This is perhaps one of the more common reasons why homeowners decide to have a retaining wall built in their property.

Well-designed retaining walls provide homeowners with a bigger, flat surface area to work with or develop. Retaining walls, if constructed properly, can provide the necessary earth support to make some parts of a sloped property level enough for recreational or practical use. Terraced retaining walls can also transform an otherwise ordinary garden into a layered paradise of plants and flowers.

You Need Erosion Control: Soil erosion can become a problem in yards with slopes or grades. Often compounded by storm runoff, erosion can degrade your landscaping and remove vital topsoil. A retaining wall creates a barrier to keep soil in place, control erosion, and manage yard drainage. Before building the wall, your contractor will add a layer of rock or gravel and drainpipes that channel water out of the soil, keeping it dryer and more stable. 

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